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BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a solution for enterprise architecture, consisting of a tool, methods and techniques, consultancy and training. BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio supports modeling enterprise architectures, visualizing and analyzing relationships and dependencies between the architectural domains, analyzing the impact of change, etc.


BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is based on the ArchiMate® project ( ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group. BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is ArchiMate compliant, approved by The Open Group.



BiZZdesign EA software is used globally by over 1000 blue-chip organisations from various sectors, and has been listed as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2017. Furthermore, a recently published Gartner research on critical capabilities of EA tools has rated BiZZdesign as the second best tool available, closely behind Software AG. On 5 out of the 9 topics evaluated, BiZZdesign software has been listed as the best. You can find out more about BiZZdesign on:


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Architectural domains and relations

Enterprise Studio supports the modeling of several architectural domains, at multiple levels of detail: products and services, business functions, business processes, organization, applications, infrastructure, and data. In addition to ArchiMate, other Enterprise Architecture frameworks and approaches like DYA®, IAF, March®, Tapscott, TOGAF, Zachman, and variants are all supported by Enterprise Studio. Users can decide which architectural domains and which properties to model. Besides objects in these frameworks, one can also add other concepts such as business goals and objectives, projects, architecture requirements, critical success factors, and relate these to the ArchiMate objects in the architecture model and views. This enables visualizing the relation between critical success factors or architectural principles and the objects in the model.


Using Enterprise Studio one can effectively add and maintain relationships between architectural domains by drawing relationships in a view or by adding checkmarks in a cross reference table.

Input and visualization

An advanced graphical editor facilitates easy drawing of architecture models and views. Enterprise Studio provides a simple and quick way to import tables from Office applications, enabling for example, the import of a list of applications in a single step. Enterprise Studio generates views to visualize these objects in a variety of ways using color and labels. Automatic layout supports one-click generation of attractive overviews of the enterprise architecture.

Viewpoints and views

Enterprise Studio allows you to define your own viewpoints, on the basis of which views can be created or generated. In a viewpoint one defines which concepts and relationships are shown and displayed in that particular view. Enterprise Studio’s powerful visualization mechanism enables effective and efficient communication with different stakeholders.



Impact analyses

Enterprise Studio supports the analysis of the impact of changes. Examples of changes include: replacing an application, changing a product, changing an architecture principle, or renewing an infrastructure component. Enterprise Studio clearly shows what the impact of such a change is in which part of the architecture.

Dependencies and landscape maps

Querying and visualizing the dependencies between architectural domains is supported in different ways: using colors or labels in the graphical model, or by generating overview tables. Landscape maps facilitate “stacking” these relations and dependencies in a map-like overview (such as ‘which departments use which applications to support which business processes’). Enterprise Studio shows direct relationships, and also deduces indirect dependencies in the enterprise architecture.




All models, parts of models or views can be directly published on an intranet or in Word. By choosing which part of the model and which properties of model elements are published, the publication can be precisely aimed at the relevant stakeholders. Also the style and mark-up of the publication can be determined by the user. Reading these publications does not require any additional tool licenses.


Enterprise Studio uses a repository based on Oracle or SQL Server to store models. This repository supports version management and enables multi-user support. For smaller organizations, Enterprise Studio is also available with a repository based on a shared file.

Methods, training, consultancy

The tool BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is supported with effective methods and techniques for enterprise architecture, practical training and consultancy

BiZZdesign Architect®

Professional software tools are required to effectively and efficiently design, analyze, visualize and maintain Enterprise Architectures. Relationships between architectural domains have to be modeled and stakeholders demand different visualizations of the architecture depending on their role and responsibilities. Simple drawing tools or spreadsheets often turn out to be difficult to use and maintain.


BiZZdesign Architect is a complete and unique solution for Enterprise Architecture. Architect is a user-friendly tool with strong visualization and analysis capabilities. It is intuitively appealing to people in Business and IT. Architect is proven to be the #1 support for modeling ArchiMate and TOGAF, as well as other relevant frameworks for Enterprise Architecture. Architect is easy to expand and extend in order to document any additional relevant information.


Tools are an important resource, but they lose significance without a context. That is why Architect is offered in the context of an integrated set of tools, repository, methods, proven best practices, consultancy and supporting training.

Enterprise Architecture at Work

BiZZdesign promotes and adopts open standards for Enterprise Architecture, such as the The Open Group’s TOGAF framework approach and ArchiMate language. You can find a summary of the TOGAF approach in the graphic below.


Key benefits of working with Enterprise Architecture

  • Improvement in decision making through impact/gap analysis and risk insight.
  • Cost reduction through optimal reuse.
  • Optimal communication through multiple viewpoint approach.
  • Become part of the business strategy; make EA proactive rather than reactive.
  • Determine best course of action by being able to consider alternatives.

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