Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Content Management


Learn best practices and technologies for managing content in an era of social, mobile, and cloud computing.


Enterprise content management combines analytics, collaboration, governance and processes with anywhere, anytime access to deliver value to your customers, partners, and employees. Learn technologies and best practices for managing content as an asset for your organization.




AIIM's Enterprise Content Management course has provided over 20,000 information professionals with a systematic approach to manage their content across the enterprise. The course information is organized along these objectives:


  • Managing content in the social, mobile, and cloud environment
  • Creating, sharing, and optimizing content for staff/customer engagement, process automation, and information governance
  • Developing a business case and project plan for content management
  • Incorporating metadata models, taxonomies, and security in your plan


Who should take this course


IT, business analysts, consultants, business unit managers, and other information professionals who are tasked with accurately and effectively managing your organization’s business content. You’ll acquire the necessary skills to:


  • Manage content across the enterprise
  • Understand the technology components that comprise ECM including document collaboration, document management, records management, workflow, imaging, and web content management
  • Create corporate models for taxonomies, metadata, and security
  • Acquire interoperability and integration techniques
  • Consider the impact of cloud computing, mobile, social media, and big data on content


Course content


This course contains the following modules:

  1. ECM Explained
  2. Social Business as a Driver for ECM
  3. Measuring ECM Success
  4. ECM Architecture Explained
  5. What Is Metadata?
  6. Taxonomies and Classifications
  7. Findability
  8. Mining Content for Intelligence
  9. Access to Information
  10. Optimal Performance
  11. Content Storage
  12. Capture Your Content
  13. Protect Your Content
  14. Automating Business Processes
  15. Retention and Disposition of Digital Content
  16. Digital Preservation
  17. Retention and Disposition of Physical Records
  18. Using Content Components
  19. Metadata and Security
  20. Enabling Collaboration
  21. Find Your Content
  22. Content Delivery
  23. ECM Equals Increased Productivity
  24. The Business Value of Governance
  25. The Value of Knowledge
  26. ECM Program Delivery
  27. Business Readiness Assessment: Initial Steps
  28. Business Readiness Assessment: a Deeper Dive
  29. Technology Readiness Assessment Requirements
  30. Outline the Technology Architecture
  31. Lay the Foundation with Taxonomy
  32. Laying the Foundation with Taxonomy
  33. Using Prototypes
  34. Roadmap: Deployment Strategy
  35. The Project Plan
  36. Understand the Client
  37. Step-by-Step to a Program Strategy
  38. ECM Design Part 1
  39. ECM Design Part 2
  40. Development
  41. Deliver and Deploy
  42. Always Improving
  43. Establish the Business Case
  44. Governance Explained
  45. Governance: Who Does What
  46. Change Management Overview
  47. The Change Management Plan
  48. Building Applications
  49. Advanced Applications

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