Secure Coding


At JODAYN we have a dream, a vision of a safe and secure IT world, where all software engineers will know how to write secure code. The cheapest and the most effective way to do software security is through training.


Your programmers work hard each day... to produce vulnerable code, resulting in hundreds of security bugs yearly, to test, find, and correct. Send them to one of our secure coding trainings, and they start to write secure code from their next working day.



§ Advanced Software Security - beyond Ethical Hacking


§ Android Java and Native Code Security


§ Android Security


§ Application Security in the Cloud


§ C/C++ Secure Coding


§ C/C++ Security Master Course


§ C# and Web Application Security Master Course


§ Combined C/C++, Java and Web Application Security


§ Combined C#, C/C++ and Web Applications Security


§ Combined Java, C# and Web Application Security


§ Combined Java, PHP and Web Application Security


§ Crypto Chip-Set Security


§ iOS Security


§ Java and JEE Security


§ Java and Web Application Security


§ Java, JEE and Web Application Security


§ Java Security Master Course


§ Management Overview on Microsoft SDL


§ Microsoft SDL Core Training


§ Network Security


§ Network Security and Secure Communication


§ Node.js and Web Application Security


§ Overview on Secure Coding


§ Practical Cryptography for Software Engineers


§ Secure Coding in C#


§ Secure Coding in PHP


§ Secure Coding Master Course for Banking and Finance


§ Secure Desktop Application Development in C#


§ Secure Web Application Development and Testing for Devops


§ Security Testing


§ Standard Java Security


§ Web Application Security


§ Web Application Security in .NET


§ Web Application Security Testing


§ Web Application Security with SDL


§ Voice Over IP Security



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