IT Strategy & Architecture

JODAYN is specialized in providing innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions and services that align to solve clients' mission and business problems.  Our IT experts, representing a broad range of technical disciplines, leverage industry-leading practices in program and project management and have supported nearly all major departments and agencies of the Government.


JODAYN experts have successfully led some of the largest government transformation efforts, leveraging an integrated team approach to ensure project success from strategy setting, architecture development and implementation quality assurance.


JODAYN offers expertise in the following areas:

Ø    IT Strategy: JODAYN provides insight and advice to clients concerning tradeoffs and opportunities available for making prudent investments in technology to meet the demands of customers and constituents. Our services in this area include:


§    IT Portfolio Management: we help clients balance the supply and demand of information technology (IT) resources, eliminate redundancy, and enable better alignment with strategic goals.


§    Data Sharing and IT Strategy Integration : we help clients integrate strategies for using, managing, and sharing data and information into IT management and governance processes.


§   IT Strategic Planning: we help clients formulate strategic agendas outlining how IT will be used to meet mission needs and stakeholder requirements.


§   IT Strategy and Infrastructure: we help clients overcome the challenges of complexity, cost, and time frame often associated with major infrastructure transformation projects.


§   IT Organization and Governance: we help clients develop and implement comprehensive approaches to IT governance that are tailored to the organization's specific needs.


Ø   Architecture and Design: JODAYN helps clients maximize the value of their IT investments through the design, development, and deployment of flexible, agile, and adaptable architectural blueprints and transitional roadmaps. Our services in this area include:


§   Enterprise Architecture: we help clients with capturing their baseline architecture and developing target application and systems architectures, segment architectures, technical architectures, data architectures, business architectures, and performance architectures. We also help them develop sequencing and transitional roadmaps using custom or industry frameworks such as the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF), federal enterprise architecture (FEA), and TOFAG.


§   Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): we help clients develop service-oriented architecture strategies, reference architectures, service specifications, and transitional roadmaps, and we develop and deploy reusable services across multiple clients and networks.


§   Architecture Review: we help clients in reviewing their current or target architecture. The review output will give the client JODAYN architects view regarding any shortcomings, issues or recommendations that they must take care of for a better and more successful implementation/operation.


Ø   Performance and Scalability Testing: JODANY can help its client in performing load tests that simulates thousands of users in order to check the: performance under load, probable performance bottlenecks and how scalable the system is.

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