Project Management

Complex, business-critical projects require a high degree of focus. Not surprisingly, organizations often assign their best managers to run them. Those managers however can quickly find themselves over-burdened with competing responsibilities as they try to wear two hats at once. JODAYN can work alongside your leaders to provide the focus needed or we can run the project for you.


Even world-class organizations can occasionally find themselves with a poor performing project. Projects can breakdown for many reasons, including a lack of: sponsorship, planning, resources, accountability or buy-in, to list a few. Turning around of a project in distress involves increased commitment managing the project and its problems. The process is time consuming and requires a special set of skills. The problems of the project are often compounded by the project's sponsors who are facing financial or contractual distress for the first time and who are reticent to change.


JODAYN, can work along your existing project manager, or acting as a project manager, take the decision-making reins of your project, and guide you through troubled waters, to safety. Our project specialists will advise management so to create a succession plan for to ensure continued success when we roll off the assignment.

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